Owl Bedding for Girls


It is not always easy selecting a theme for a girl’s room or nursery. Whether it’s for your little girl, a child, or an adolescent, owls can be a flexible choice of bedroom theme to decorate for a young woman’s room and personal space.

Owl Bedding

These wide eyed birds are a well recognised bird of prey in nature and as most are nocturnal, making them the perfect night time companion. For centuries around the world, our feathered friends have often been a symbol of wisdom and knowledge. In ancient Greek mythology, the goddess of wisdom, Athena herself was often depicted with the wise bird perched on her head and thereafter it has become a mascot and icon. Throughout history and in modern culture, the owl has been frequently a mascot and been associated with wisdom and knowledge and would prove an ideal icon for encouragement in your children’s learning and educational environment.

Owl Bedding
View our full range of owl song bedding including duvet cover set, cushions and floor mat

Not only are owls an icon for learning, but these feathered friends can create an enchanting atmosphere that brings a touch of nature to your little girl’s bedroom. An owl theme for the room is also timeless and is not restricted to a specific age or gender, girl or boy. It’s a popular choice and perfect for your young females, from little girls to children in adolescence for nurseries or bedrooms, owls are wise option when it comes to girls bedding.

Pretty Owl Bedding
View our pretty owl duvet cover set

Our owl bedding features two beautiful owls, one large pink bird and a smaller blue bird, sitting pretty and perched on some colorful tree branches among flowers, cute little birds and butterflies. The owl duvet cover is available in single, double and bed sizes to suit all mattress options and bed configurations. We also have matching sheet sets available to complete the bedroom theme.

Owl Bedding
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In addition to our bed linen collection, we have a selection of matching bedroom accessories to complete the sitting pretty theme. Our cushions and pillows are perfect for extra comfort on the bed and feature the pretty little birds depicted on the duvet cover, with one oblong cushion in pink and a round cushion in green. We have an owl floor mat that is great to set on the floor, for extra comfort and luxury. There is also a series of wall plaques that will add a splash of color to your walls. Our owl bedroom accessories combined will enhance the home decor and provide the finishing touches to your interior decorating project.

Night Owl Bedding
View the night owl bedding set

Our owl bedding for kids and additional bedroom accessories are sure to put a smile on any young girl’s face and are a beautiful and unique kids bedding set that will make a special bedroom theme that encompasses sophistication, style and fun.

Night Owl Bedding
View more owl bedding sets

Take a look at our owl bedding including duvet covers and quilt covers for comforters and other bedroom accessories including sheets, cushions and floor mat featuring an elegant design displaying the true beauty of this bird of prey.

Are you decorating an owl bedroom theme for your girl’s bedroom? We’d love to hear about your experiences and your thoughts too, so please contact us.

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