Caring for your Owl Bedding Set


If you’re the owner of our beautiful duvet cover, sheets set and bedroom decor accessories, then we can offer you these basic tips to ensure that it is kept looking its very best with advice for maintaining and caring for your owl themed bedding set.

It’s important that your owl duvet cover and bed linen is carefully washed and cared for, to maximize comfort, cleanliness and the life of each article of your kids bedding. Each and every piece of the Owl bed linen that you purchase, includes recommendations for care for washing and drying.

You should carefully read the labels on the Owl bedding to ensure that you accurately follow the instructions and directions for cleaning to maximise its life.

Our range of Owl bed linen comes in a variety of colors and is made from a range of fabrics and materials, with some being more delicate than others. Most sheets can be washed in your washing machine at home, but on the rare occasion you might come across a delicate fabric that may require some more diligent attention and care.

Always use the hottest water setting on your washing machine that is recommended as the safest for the material in question, unless otherwise instructed. Where an owl bedding set is made of polyester blends, it’s recommended to use warm water, while fabrics made of cotton can withstand hot water. Using hot water for washing your sheets and manchester will help in avoiding allergies and is one of the most efficient methods of eliminating dust mites.

Mattress Protector
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A mattress protector positioned between the mattress and your sheets is recommended for optimal comfort and care. The mattress protector should be washed every few months or as required and is great to maximise the life of your mattress. View our essential bedding product range for mattress protector options to prolong the life of your mattress.

It’s important to wash your bed sheets often to keep them clean and fresh. It’s often a great idea to have three sets of bed sheets for your Owl bed. You can have one set of sheets on the bed, another set of sheets in the linen storage fresh and clean, always on hand for use and another set in the laundry. By doing this and rotating the sheets, the will be worn evenly and last much longer. It’s recommended to change sheets, once a week and more regularly in warmer climates. If you remove sheets from the dryer immediately, you will reduce wrinkles too.

If there’s a decorative owl pillowcase that you’re particularly fond of, then it’s always a good idea to purchase some extra pillowcases as they generally tend to wear out much more quickly than sheets. Pillowcases really should be changed regularly, at least twice a week and more often in warmer climates for your health and well-being. For a fresh and crisp look, iron pillowcases for an Owl bedroom theme of style and elegance. Using these simple tips to maintain your owl bedroom products will not only keep everything fresh and clean and presented beautifully, but will also extend the life of your bed linen.

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