Owl Bedroom Decor Ideas


The nocturnal birds of prey are becoming favorite within popular culture, notably with the recent animated fantasy film release of the Legend of the Guardian: The Owls of Ga’Hoole and the bird’s appearances in the Harry Potter books and movies. A subsequent result of this is that we have gradually seen more T-shirts, ornaments and merchandise featuring the glorious and mysterious bird and they are becoming increasingly popular as interior design elements throughout the home. These magnificent birds of prey are becoming widely used as a bedroom theme, especially for a children’s bedroom, a newborn’s nursery, a teenager’s bedroom and especially within a girl’s bedroom.

Owl Bedding Sets

From baby bedding themes to teenagers, an owl themed bedroom is ideal for children of all ages. Our owl bedding sets comprise of an enchanting design that will create a warm and sweet environment in a child’s room. With a quilt and owl duvet cover available for single, double and queen size beds, we can accommodate all your bedding requirements with style and sophistication and high quality bed linen.

Owl Cushion
View our Owl Cushion

Owl Cushions and Throw Pillows

To accompany our owl bedding set, we have matching cushions and throw pillows that will add ambiance to your owl bedroom theme. The cushions feature elements from the bedding set that compliment the theme and are ideal for knelling, sitting, lying and relaxing on to offer addition comfort to your owl bedroom. A cushion or throw pillow placed on top of the bed or a chair will really complete your owl bedroom theme.

Owl Cushion
View our Owl Floor Mat

Owl Floor Mats

An owl floor mat or rug is a practical bedroom accessory for a children’s bedroom. Our owl floor mats feature a simply beautiful design that will add character and color to your existing bedroom floor covering, whether it be carpet or another floor surface. A floor mat in the bedroom can offer warmth and comfort, perfect for daily use and your child to play on.

Owl Wall Canvases, Pictures and Wall Plaques

The walls in a child’s bedroom can sometimes appear stark and plain, but this can easily be rectified with some owl imagery as they appear perched in the night time sky. An owl wall canvas is an affordable accessory for the bedroom that will add appeal and character to your owl bedroom theme. Hanging some pictures and wall plaques will compliment the owl bedding set and can create a wonderful visual element that will be appreciated daily by the occupants of the owl themed bedroom.

Owl Cushion
View our Owl Cushion

Owl Window Treatments and Curtains

Curtains or an alternative window treatment are essential to manage the natural light with your child’s bedroom and often they are an ideal opportunity for interior designers to highlight the owl theme too.

In addition to our owl bedding for kids, there are many additional bedroom accessories that you might wish to consider to complete the final look of your owl bedroom. Wall clocks, ornaments, bedside lamps, alarm clocks, photo albums, toy boxes, blankets and throw rugs are just a few of the possibilities, but with the owls becoming increasingly popular you are sure to find many more products that will not only serve a practical purpose, but will enhance the room’s theme.

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