Hoot! Hoot! It’s an Owl Song Bedroom


We have a brand new bedroom collection that is perfect for anyone that has a love for owls. Our feathered wide eyed Strigiformes friends have become popular with their recent appearances in the movie ‘Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole’ and the many owls throughout Harry Potter, most well recognised was Harry’s owl, Hedwig. These nocturnal birds of prey are favored by many and have become a prominent choice for bedroom themes for children and adults. Our newest owl theme is the ‘Owl Song’ bedding collection and is one of the best yet for the young and young at heart.

Owl Bedding
View our full range of owl song bedding including duvet cover set, cushions and floor mat

The Owl Song duvet cover set comes in a selection of bed sizes to accommodate your child’s bedroom arrangements. Our single, double and queen bed size duvet cover sets showcase a beautiful design of owls perched on tree branches surrounded by butterflies. The duvet cover set exudes sophistication and elegance with a color palette of pink, blue, green, yellow, purple and white.

Owl Cushion
View our Owl Cushion

A duvet cover is now becoming much more favored as a bed cover in children’s bedrooms over comforters and bedspreads. The advantage of a duvet cover is that you can clean the comforter and cover separately to keep it fresh and you can simply change the duvet cover set whenever you wish to update the theme of your child’s bedroom as often as you like, without the additional cost of purchasing an entire new comforter.

The Owl Song duvet cover set is just one of the products from Jiggle and Giggle’s bedding collection. There is also a fantastic range of bedroom decor accessories that include decorative cushions, a floor mat, a blanket and more to complete this beautiful bedroom theme.

Owl Cushion
View our Owl Cushion

The Owl Song cushions can add extra comfort and elegance to your child’s bedroom with the adorable owl shaped cushion and the oblong cushion that features the majestic birds of prey and display beautifully on the bed. The accompanying floor mat will add vibrance, color and style to your floors and offers additional warmth and comfort within the bed room. Each of these gorgeous accessories will add character and color to the room that will offer a complete owl themed bedroom with all the trimmings to impress.

Owl Cushion
View our Owl Floor Mat

The Owl Song duvet cover set and bedroom accessories not only presents a high quality product to create an enchanting world in your child’s bedroom, but also enhances the comfort and character of your child’s living area and creates a pleasurable environment for sleeping at night and playtime during the day. The bedding collection grants elegance and sophistication and offers excellence in contemporary living within the bedroom and throughout your home.

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