The Dotty Days Duvet Cover


Our Dotty Days bed linen is one of our most popular bedroom themes for the girl’s room. It’s sweet and enchanting design and feminine nature features those Hoot! Hoot! magnificent and wise birds that will transform into a beautiful bedroom makeover.

Dotty Days
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The Dotty Days duvet cover set is available in single, double and queen bed sizes, making it suitable for all bedroom configurations. The pretty design features beautiful birds surrounded by polka dots and love hearts. An owl bedroom theme is an ideal choice children’s bedding set and is suitable for children for all ages, from little girls to big girls, teens and even grown ups that love owls too.

Owl Cushion
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No doubt you’re familiar with what a duvet cover is, but if you’re not a duvet is French for ‘down’ and is simply a decorative pillowcase and cover for a comforter, duvet, or quilt. A duvet cover as opposed to a comforter has many advantages. You can wash the comforter and cover separately to keep it fresh and clean and you can change the duvet cover and theme of your bedroom as often as you like without the extra expense of purchasing the entire comforter, making it the most economical choice in bedroom products. Our bed essentials product range feature quilt insert options that you can purchase to fill the quilt cover offering warmth and comfort to you.

The Dotty Days Owl duvet cover is part of the Dotty Days Owls bedding collection that features matching bedroom decor accessories that include sheets, an owl shaped cushion and an oblong cushion to complete your bedroom and offer contemporary design and sophistication to your home.

Oblong Cushion
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The Dotty Days Owls sheets set matches the duvet cover perfectly and will not only offer a warm and comfortable night’s sleep, but will also complete the bedding room theme. The matching decorative cushions, owl shaped cushion and oblong cushion, too feature the beautiful birds showcased on the duvet cover and will look amazing on the bed. The bedding collection will offer warmth and comfort to the room, while the offering color and character and making the owl bedroom theme complete.

These beautiful birds of prey have plenty of adoring fans and are appreciated by many for their symbolism and association with knowledge and wisdom. The Dotty Days Owls duvet cover and bedding collection offers you a quality product from our owl bedding for kids product range that will be admired by the room’s occupants and will offer a wonderful transformation of your child’s bedroom.

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