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Butterfly Bedroom Decor Ideas


Butterflies are a magnificent insect, admired for their amazing transformation from tiny caterpillars into beautiful butterflies with fluttering wings. For this, they make for a popular choice for a children’s bedroom theme, especially for a girls bedroom.

Butterflies Bedding Sets

From little girls to teenagers, girls of all ages will love a butterflies bedroom theme using our beautiful selection of bed linen, manchester and bedroom decorating ideas. Our bedd sets consist of quilt and duvet covers for single, double and queen bed sizes to accommodate all your requirements. Our product is made from high quality fabrics that encompass style and sophistication.

Butterfly Cushions and Throw Pillows

Cushions and throw pillows are an inexpensive and decorative accessory and offer an easy method for the decorating a butterfly themed bedroom. A butterfly cushion is perfect for sitting, knelling or lying on and ideal for extra comfort in a butterfly bedroom. By simply positioning one or more cushions or throw pillows on top of the bed or on a chair, you can enhance the ambiance of the room.

Butterfly Floor Mat
View our Katie Butterfly Floor Mat

Butterfly Floor Mats

A floor mat or rug is an affordable and practical furnishing for a child’s room. A butterfly floor mat not only acts to offer color and character to your existing floor covering whether it be carpet or another floor surface, but also provides comfort and warmth to the room, making it ideal for daily use and for your child to play on.

Butterfly Wall Plaques, Pictures and Canvases

A wall plaque, canvas or picture on the wall will brighten the walls and accentuate the theme of butterflies with imagery of them fluttering in the sky. A butterfly wall canvas is an inexpensive bedroom decor accessory and is especially ideal for adding color to the walls and far less expensive than repainting walls to accommodate your theme. By adding one or more wall plaques or pictures that compliments the existing butterfly bedding and positioning them on a wall that is highly visible, your efforts will be appreciated daily by the occupants of the butterfly room.

Butterfly Curtains and Window Treatments

Curtains and window treatments are not only a necessity to manage the natural light in your child’s bedroom, but also can be an opportunity to showcase your butterfly theme too. Although it can be considered a more expensive addition to your bedroom decor, window treatments that match the bedroom theme are best undertaken subtly to extend the butterfly theme.

Butterfly Furniture

Furniture in your child’s bedroom should be practical and complimentary to your bedroom theme and will depend largely on the room’s size. Should room permit, a children’s size table and chairs is an ideal inclusion for a bedroom to encourage a separate area for play and activities, and with many available featuring characters and popular motifs, they can provide another element to highlight your butterfly bedroom theme.

Other Butterfly Bedroom Accessories

There are many accessories for the bedroom that not only have practical uses for your child and are a great accompaniment to our kids bedding sets, but will enhance the mood and ambiance of the room too. Butterfly book ends on a shelf or other appropriate furniture, or a butterfly lamp shade for a bedside table and many other items featuring butterflies, like an alarm clock, wall clock, a blanket or throw rug, a storage container or toy box all are practical items for your child that can enhance your butterfly bedroom theme.

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