Purple Butterfly Bedding

Purple is a color of impact. With its mystic and royal qualities, it is particularly a favorite color of young adolescent girls. So too are butterflies, an amazing insect of nature, admired for their beauty and freedom. What better combination for a girl’s bedroom, then to have their room decorated in purple and a butterflies bedroom theme.

Significance of Purple

The color purple is a balance of red and blue primary colors. In color theory, the definition of ‘purple’ is any non-spectral color that is between violet and red, however, in the world of art, it is the color on the color wheel that is between magenta and violet.

It was originally discovered on the shores of Tyre in ancient Phoenicia, presently known as Lebanon, where the name ‘purple’ was founded, whereby the color of dye was extracted from mollusc shells. Throughout history purple has been associated with royalty with royals, emperors and kings wore purple imperial robes with gold thread trimmings. Being rare and expensive, the color of purple became the symbol of wealth, imperialism and aristocracy, which is primarily due to the difficulty and costliness involved in producing purple dye and only the wealthy could afford it.

In modern times purple continues to have a royal connotation and represents sophistication. It is an uplifting color that evokes passion, and also has a calming influence.

Beauty of Butterflies

The butterfly is from the order of Lepidoptera and is especially appreciated from its metamorphosis from the egg, to a caterpillar (larvae), to the chrysalis or cocoon (pupa) and emerges into a flying insect with beautifully colored wings. It is the greatest change in the animal kingdom and from this magnificent process of metamorphosis; the butterfly is often a symbol for transformation, change and rebirth into new life.

Throughout history, the butterfly has also been a symbol of change, joy, color and prosperity. In Chinese culture, if two butterflies are flying together, they are a symbol of love. In Ancient Greek, the word butterfly means ‘soul’ and ‘mind’. The large and often brightly colored wings of butterflies’ fluttering wings can serve as a reminder to not take things too seriously and to live life with a sense of lightness and joy. And some people believe that if a butterfly lands on you, it means good luck. Regardless of the symbolism, the butterfly remains a truly beautiful and inspirational insect in nature.

Purple Butterflies in the Bedroom

Purple butterfly bedding combines most young girl’s favorite color and an elegant motif as popular as the beautiful butterfly. Our range of bedding features these wonders of nature among tints and shades of purple patterns and enchanting flora designs. The bedding set is available in single, double and queen bed sizes to accommodate all mattresses and bed configurations. To complete the purple butterfly bedroom theme, we also have matching butterfly sheet sets available.

Butterfly Floor Mat
View our Butterfly Lantern Floor Mat

Our accompanying butterfly bedroom accessories will uplift the bedroom theme and create a truly beautiful bedroom theme. The butterfly floor mat continues the purple butterfly theme and adds color to the floor and offer comfort and warmth for play or sitting on the floor. The butterfly cushion is ideal for extra comfort and looks beautiful sitting on the bed.

A purple butterfly bedroom theme will be appreciated by girls of all ages, young girls to teenagers and makes for an enjoyable interior decorating project for you and your child to experience together.