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Butterfly Duvet Covers vs Comforters


So you’ve decided on a theme for the bedroom – butterflies! Not only are these pretty and colorful creatures, but they would have to be one of the most soothing and peaceful themes for your bedroom environment to sleep at night. It’s a wonderful choice and will be treasured by the room occupants for its ability to bring the beauty of nature into the bedroom.

Now is the time to determine what bed linen to purchase to begin your bedroom transformation. You want your butterfly bedroom theme to be luxurious, while comfortable at the same time. Do you want to purchase just a comforter or a use a duvet cover with a down insert? Or maybe you’re confused about the difference and what’s on offer?

Flitter Butterfly
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A comforter is filled with a natural or synthetic fiber and encased in a covering or shell. Alternatively, a duvet (also known as a quilt cover) covers a comforter similar to a big pillowcase and is commonly referred to as the cover for a down comforter.

A useful advantage to the duvet is that the comforter and cover is separate, so they can be washed separately. A duvet cover can be washed more regularly and will be much easier to maintain and keep the bedding clean, rather than a traditional comforter, which is fantastic for a children’s bedroom that has above average wear.

Another advantage of the duvet and quilt covers is that, having the duvet and duvet cover as two separate pieces you can control the temperature of your bedding, while retaining the butterfly theme in the bedroom. In cooler climates you might like a wool filled duvet for extra warmth, while in the warmer climates, you might prefer a lighter option.

Katie Butterfly
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Another influencing factor of the duvet over the traditional comforter is that when the time comes to update the room decor and change the theme of the bedroom, you can simply do so by purchasing a new duvet cover, rather than replacing the entire comforter.

Both a butterfly comforter and duvet come is beautiful designs to set the stage for your butterfly themed bedroom. A butterfly duvet offers many practical advantages over the comforter, providing for easy maintenance to clean and update the room decor whenever you wish.

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Do you prefer a duvet cover or a comforter for your butterfly themed bedroom? Let us know your preference in the comments below.

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