Pirate Bedding

Ahoy, me hearties! Young buccaneers will love our pirate bedding sets that feature quilt/duvet covers in single, double and queen bed sizes, sheets, cushions and other bedroom decor treasures to make a shipshape pirate bedroom so you won't be forced to walk the plank. Savvy?

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  1. Treasure Hunter Duvet Cover
    Treasure Hunter Quilt Cover Set
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Pirate Bedroom Inspiration

Pirate Bay Quilt Cover Set

Ahoy there! Pirates will transform your child's room in their search for treasure sailing the seas. A fun Pirate Bay bedding set design featuring a repeating pattern of pirate ships flying the jolly roger, filled with little pirates, sailing on the ocean with marine life below them under a sunny sky and the alphabet above them. Walls offer a canvas for fun designs and this pirate bedroom features a wall decoration of a pirate ship flying flags and the jolly roger skull and crossbones.

Ahoy There Pirate Quilt Cover Set

Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate's life for me. The Ahoy There Pirate bedding set is perfect for young buccaneers that love to make 'em walk the plank, with a fun assortment of bedroom accessories that include a floor mat, wall canvases, backpack and lunch bag to complete the pirate bedroom theme.

Ahoy There Pirate Set of 3 Wall Canvases

Ahoy, matey! The Ahoy There Pirate wall art canvas set features three fun wall canvases designed to match the 'Ahoy There' bedding set complete with a pirate pooch, pirate ship and treasure island.

Ahoy There Pirate Floor Mat

Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate's life for me! The round Ahoy There Pirate floor mat is made from 100% cotton and the rug features a simply gorgeous design of a pirate pooch on a polka dot and blue background to match the Ahoy there quilt cover set.

Ahoy There Pirate Cushion

The Ahoy There cushion is a beautiful decorative bedroom accessory to accompany the Ahoy There bedding set and is ideal for any child that loves pirates and the mystery of treasure islands. With cushion cover and removable stuffed cushion, the Ahoy There pillow features an fun design of a pirate sailing in a pirate ship with a parrot in the sky and a whale in the sea.

Treasure Map Quilt Cover Set

Hidden treasure and pirate ships are the perfect bedroom theme for little adventurers and playful pirates. The Treasure Map bedding set features an adventurous design features embroidery and appliqué with a scroll in the center of the quilt cover that illustrates a map of the pirate’s treasure location on the deserted island with a compass and skull and crossbones with bands of pirate ships at the base of the duvet cover.

Treasure Map Cushion

The Treasure Map oblong cushion is made from polyester cotton and features an elegant design of an embroidered and applique pirate ship on a navy blue background and is soft for extra comfort in your child's bedroom. Perfect for children that love a nautical or pirate theme.

Treasure Map Square Cushion

Whimsy's Treasure Map bedding collecion offers contemporary children's bed linen and is perfect for fans of pirates and searching for treasure. The Treasure Map square cushion features a navigational compass showing points of north, south, east and west on a blue background and is soft for extra comfort in your child's bedroom.