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Owl Bedding

Hoot! Hoot! Makeover your child's bedroom into the wise and enchanting wondrous world of owls with our beautiful bedding for girls and boys. Our bedding features gorgeous quilt/duvet covers in single, double and queen bed sizes, sheets, cushions and other bedroom accessories, featuring lovely scenes of these magnificent birds.
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  • Owl Song Quilt Cover Set
  • Birdcage Quilt Cover Set
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Owl Bedroom Inspiration

It’s no secret, the popularity of owls, with the abundance of these majestic birds in popular culture and within fashion, style and interior design. These feathered friends make a wonderful room theme for girls and boys and are abounding in cuteness. Here are some of the very best do it yourself decor ideas that are simple to make, easy on… READ MORE

Owls are becoming much more popular as a bedroom theme for children. From babies in a crib to toddlers in a nursery and teen bedrooms, these magnificent birds of prey are a great choice for decorating a room for both girls and boys. It’s not an easy task finding bedroom sets suitable for a boy’s bedroom. There are always plenty… READ MORE

The nocturnal birds of prey are becoming favorite within popular culture, notably with the recent animated fantasy film release of the Legend of the Guardian: The Owls of Ga’Hoole and the bird’s appearances in the Harry Potter books and movies. A subsequent result of this is that we have gradually seen more T-shirts, ornaments and merchandise featuring the glorious and… READ MORE

It is not always easy selecting a theme for a girl’s room or nursery. Whether it’s for your little girl, a child, or an adolescent, owls can be a flexible choice of bedroom theme to decorate for a young woman’s room and personal space.   These wide eyed birds are a well recognised bird of prey in nature and as… READ MORE

Our Dotty Days bed linen is one of our most popular bedroom themes for the girl’s room. It’s sweet and enchanting design and feminine nature features those Hoot! Hoot! magnificent and wise birds that will transform into a beautiful bedroom makeover. The Dotty Days duvet cover set is available in single, double and queen bed sizes, making it suitable for… READ MORE