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Butterfly Bedding

Just like the caterpillars transform into beautiful butterflies, your child's bedroom too can metamorphosis into the fluttering butterfly bedroom, showcasing the beauty of nature. Our Butterfly bedding includes quilt/duvet covers and children's bedding sets in single and double bed sizes, a lovely comforter set, sheet sets, cushions, floor mats, wall art and other bedroom accessories featuring these stunning flying insects.
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  • Spring Quilt Cover Set
  • Butterfly Quilt Cover Set
  • Butterfly Lantern Quilt Cover Set
  • Butterfly Lantern Cushion
  • Butterfly Lantern Floor Mat
  • Flamingos Quilt Cover Set
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Butterfly Bedroom Inspiration

Butterflies are a magnificent insect, admired for their amazing transformation from tiny caterpillars into beautiful butterflies with fluttering wings. For this, they make for a popular choice for a children’s bedroom theme, especially for a girls bedroom. Butterflies Bedding Sets From little girls to teenagers, girls of all ages will love a butterflies bedroom theme using our beautiful selection of… READ MORE

Purple is a color of impact. With its mystic and royal qualities, it is particularly a favorite color of young adolescent girls. So too are butterflies, an amazing insect of nature, admired for their beauty and freedom. What better combination for a girl’s bedroom, then to have their room decorated in purple and a butterflies bedroom theme. Significance of Purple… READ MORE

So you’ve decided on a theme for the bedroom – butterflies! Not only are these pretty and colorful creatures, but they would have to be one of the most soothing and peaceful themes for your bedroom environment to sleep at night. It’s a wonderful choice and will be treasured by the room occupants for its ability to bring the beauty… READ MORE