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As little men become big boys, the interior design and style of their room is enhanced with innovative, comfortable and functional room decor to compliment their own personal living space. Here you will find the best of bedroom decor for young men that offers all the inspiration you need to create an innovative and comfortable space in your home that expresses the personality, individuality and interests of your little man.

Boys Bedding

Action Figure Lamp

A lamp on a nightstand, bedside table or desk is a really practical addition to the bedroom, but this action figure lamp outshines the standard table lamp, that’s for sure. Boys will just love this fun and distinctive lamp and it will be a room decor piece that will be admired by their friends.

Image from Instructables
Image from Instructables

The action figure lamp is much easier to make than it looks and it’s inexpensive too. For this super cool geeky project, you’ll need action figures, spray paint, glue, tape, sandpaper and a standard lamp base. To begin, tape and cover the bulb socket and electrical parts of the lamp. Now for the fun part, create a fun scene and carefully arrange and glue your action figures in place. Allow the glue to dry completely and cover the cord with tape and you’re ready to start painting. Apply a base coat of white spray paint and if necessary further coats for complete coverage. Apply the final coat of paint; gold works a treat. Ensure it’s completely covered and apply additional coats of pain if required. And you’re finished. The result is fantastic, you have a lamp that any little man would be proud to call his own.

For all the details on how to make your own action figure lamp, along with detailed photos and even a video, visit the jessyratfink profile over on the Instructables website.

Hot Wheels Mirror

Car collectors will love this Hot Wheels mirror, which will make a big impact in any room and is great for a bedroom with a cars theme. Not only is the mirror a fantastic addition to any boys bedroom decor, but it’s a fantastic way for car lovers to show off their Hot Wheels collection too.


For this project, you will need 40 or so little cars, a mirror with a nice thick border so that the cars can fit neatly and hot glue. To begin, start to arrange the cars onto the mirror, so that you know exactly how many you need. Now you can start to glue the cars in place. It’s best to start with the north, south, east and west points on the mirror, if your mirror is round, so that you can position them all with the same spacing. If the mirror is rectangle, glue the cars in each corner of the mirror.

When you’ve glued all the cars in place, allow it to dry overnight and you’re now ready to hang up your mirror. It’s best to use drywall screws, as the mirror will be heavy. The Hot Wheels mirror is a fun way to make a statement on the wall and look fabulous on the wall of your child’s room.

Visit the Hot Wheels website for all the details on how to make your own Hot Wheels mirror and more ways to give the room a Hot Wheels style makeover.

Basketball Hoop Door

If you have a little basketball fan, decorate the door of your child’s room with this fun and innovative basketball hoop design to enhance the interior design of little sports fan’s rooms.


All you need for this bedroom decor idea is black chalkboard paint, a basketball board and hoop and a bin pull handle and spray paint to hold the chalk.

The decorative door is achieved with some simple hardware supplies and a basketball hoop. Simply paint the door with black chalkboard paint according to the paint directions. When it’s completely dry, assemble the basketball board and hoop and hang it over the top of the door. Now for the chalk holder, spray paint the bin pull and attach it upside down to the door.

For all the details on how to decorate a fun basketball hoop door for your child’s room, visit HGTV.


Skateboard Shelf

Jenna Burger has designed some unique decor for the a boy’s room with these incredibly creative skateboard shelves. Many boys, especially teenagers love skateboarding and these shelves are perfect for expressing their personality through interior design.


To start out, you’ll need to find some skateboards that you can use to make your shelving. Real skateboards aren’t cheap, so see if you can find some mini skateboard, just like Jenna has found at a reasonable price.

To ensure that the skateboards are well secured to the wall, you will need some ‘L’ brackets to attach to the skateboard and the wall. Mark the position on the wall that you want your skateboard shelf to be. You’ll need to use and install anchors into the wall to hold the shelfing up. And then you can hang the shelf and you have some totally awesome bedroom decor for your skateboard loving kids.

Click on over to Jenna Burger’s blog for more home decor and design ideas and all the instructions on how to make your own skateboard shelves.

Boys Bedding

Boys Bedding
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Any of these innovative boy’s bedroom decor ideas will enhance the interior design of your child’s room. Use these ideas and your own creativity to make an impact in your child’s room and create a living space that expresses who they are and where they feel most at home.

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