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Snips and snails, and puppy-dogs’ tails… that’s what little boys are made of! We’re counting down the top ten most popular bedding sets for young men. From sports to dinosaurs, this selection of masculine bed linen encompasses your most loved bedroom themes for toddlers all the way through to teenagers and young men. Get inspired to create the room of your child’s dreams with these suggestions to help you choose a bed package that your child will love.

1. African Jungle

African Jungle

Kids love animals! No matter whether it’s wildlife, animals at the zoo or pets around the home, most children and even babies are drawn to animals. A child’s love of animals stems from a simple fascination of living things and marvelling at the world around us. Animals are cute and cuddly, they make funny faces and interesting noises, what’s not to love? A child’s devotion to an animal expresses feelings of compassion, protection and empathy to our furry, feathered and finned friends and should be encouraged.

Animal lovers will adore the African Jungle quilt cover set and comforter set by Happy Kids that displays many animal favorites from an African Safari. This contemporary design features elephants, giraffes, tigers, lions, alligators, cheetahs, zebras, flamingos and more. The natural color palette will compliment the interior design of most homes and with matching curtains available, you can makeover your entire child’s room so that it closely resembles the jungle of Africa.

2. Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends

Thomas and Friends

Thomas the Tank Engine remains a favorite for little boys and has been on the railway tracks for over 70 years now entertaining children. The children’s television series takes children of adventures with the cheeky blue engine with his train friends. Timeless stories teach children fun lessons of discovery and friendship that capture the imagination of children. Little Thomas fans that can’t get enough of the number one blue engine will be mesmerized by a Thomas and Friends bedroom and duvet cover.

Thomas is always a popular bed linen choice for toddlers and pre-schoolers, but this Thomas the Tank Engine quilt cover set, focusing on the steam locomotive, is sure to impress your little man. It features the number one blue engine, Thomas, at the railway station, on top of a vertically striped blue and white background. This Thomas the train bedding set will set the scene for a fun bedroom theme for your child that celebrates Thomas the train and friends.

3. Flying


It’s easy to see why children love planes. There’s something cool about a machine that defies the law of gravity. Kids in awe of aircraft or anyone that aspires to become a pilot or aviator would relish an aeroplane bedroom theme. Travelling in air and space, planes are amazing how they can soar like a bird among the clouds in the sky. Flying in an airplane represents freedom and escape and it’s symbolism is exactly the atmosphere you want in your child’s own private space to inspire and stimulate their imagination.

Any child that dreams of becoming a pilot or admires airplanes will find the Flying bedroom collection from Whimsy irresistible. In natural tones of blue and white, the contemporary design of the Flying duvet cover set showcases many different planes and offers beautiful detail in embroidery and applique. With matching accompanying cushions, this luxurious Flying bed set will create huge impact for any little aspiring pilots and is sure to become the room of their dreams, taking their feet off the ground and their head floating off into the clouds.

4. Sea Creatures

Sea Creatures

A nautical bedroom is a swell option for a boy’s bedroom and any children that enjoys beach life and appreciates the ocean and all the marine life it offers. Whether your child has an interest in boats, sailing, building sand castles, swimming in the ocean or simply likes to enjoy the wonder of nature, a beach theme might be just what you’re looking for to create a fresh room with sophistication and style in interior design. The crashing waves and amazing sea life embraces the calming and soothing environment and represents peace and tranquility, that is exactly what you want you want in to encourage in a child’s room.

The Sea Creatures bedding set highlights what life is like under the sea, while providing luxurious comfort for your child. It features an abundance of marine creatures and life, that includes blue whales, red and green octopus, little fish, orange crabs, starfish and water bubbles on a striped white and navy blue background. With a matching cushion and floor mat, this nautical bed linen can offer a complete bedroom solution and is a fabulous choice for any child that loves the beach and life by the sea.

5. Footy


Football, known to many as soccer, is the most popular sport in the world and is played by more than 250 million players worldwide. It’s little wonder that so many kids are footy fanatics. Sports like soccer and football are valuable to keep kids active and develop their fitness, learn good sportsmanship, improve their social skills to work together within a team, achieve group goals and have fun. Boys that love a game of footy, will delight in a soccer theme for their room.

Kick a winning goal and bring home the trophy for your little soccer fan with the Footy quilt cover set or comforter set. This fantastic bed linen illustrates an action packed game of soccer, featuring opposing players, kicking around coloured soccer balls from the centre circles on the field. The soccer players on the football pitch are surrounded by words from the game, which include, ‘kick off’, ‘match’, ‘player’, ‘score’ and ‘goal’. Any young footy and soccer player, or spectator of the game will just love this ultimate soccer bed set that champions their love for the sport and will bring their room to life.

6. Robot Workshop

Robot Workshop

Many little boys love playing with LEGO, building mechanics, and assembling electronics. Likewise, they are also captivated by robots. One of the reasons robots are so popular with kids, is the futuristic possibility of robots and androids becoming a part of our everyday lives.

Embracing artificial intelligence encourages and teaches children a lesson in assembly and mechanics. It allows kids to develop their motor skills and problem solving abilities and inspires new learning, innovation and creativity. A robot bedroom theme is the perfect choice for anyone with an interest in machine intelligence and that revels in the connection between technology and humans.

The Robot Workshop quilt cover set shows comical and fun virtual agent characters that are surrounded by mechanical parts to illustrate a futuristic theme of robotics and artificial intelligence. The Robot quilt cover displays a bright and colourful palette of red, navy blue, yellow, black and white on a pale blue background that will complement existing home decor. It makes the ideal bedding set for any child that loves mechanics, electronics, computers and offers an environment that stimulates creativity and learning.

7. Space Man

Space Man

Kids love to explore and it’s not surprising that both boys and girls love space. Children have a natural curiosity of what’s beyond the earth we live on and our place in the universe. Space and astronomy opens their eyes to a whole new world of discovery.

A space room theme can be truly amazing for kids that love space and is especially popular as a boy’s bedroom theme for kids interested in space exploration, science, NASA or any child that aspires to a career as an astronaut.

Your child can instantly transform into an astronaut with the Spaceman duvet cover set. This fabulous quilt cover set is just perfect for any little astronomers that are interested in space exploration and astronomy. It features an astronaut, fully equipped with spacesuit and space helmet, floating in outer space and surrounded by a galaxy of stars, a space shuttle with rocket boosters and a spaceship, looking down on the earth below. The kids will get a lot of fun out of this bedding set, with the astronaut design on the quilt cover and pillow case so that your child can transform into a spaceman. It’s an amusing and novel bedding set that will excite any child interested in space and exploring.

8. Cricket


Cricket is one of the most popular sports in the world, with teams and spectators in England, India, Pakistan, Australia, New Zealand, Bangladesh and South Africa, just to name a few. Cricket is a bat-and-ball game that is enjoyed by young men, through to teenagers and big boys. True fans of the game will love nothing more than a cricket theme bedroom and anyone that appreciates the game can now decorate their room as a tribute to the sport and their sporting heroes.

The Cricket quilt cover set will hit cricket fans for six with it’s unique and contemporary design and depiction of the sport. It highlights a lively game of cricket featuring cricket stumps, cricket balls, game scoreboards and the players playing a game of cricket; batsmen, bowlers, wicket keepers and fieldsman, on a green cricket pitch background. Any young cricket players or spectators of the game will love a sports theme bedroom that expresses their interest in the game.

9. Dinosaur


Dinosaurs were not only larger than life in the prehistoric era, but now have enormous appeal with kids and are forever an adored theme for the boy’s bedroom. These huge and amazing creatures from the past have been extinct for over 65 million years ago, but fascinate children of all ages, from little boys to adolescents. A dinosaur bedroom is a fun and imaginative way to decorate a room that’s adds style and character to your home and allows your child to delight in a Jurassic world of their own.

The Dinosaur comforter set and quilt cover set by Happy Kids showcases a plethora of prehistoric creatures that dinosaur lovers will adore. This fabulous dinosaur bedding set features the Tyrannosaurus Rex, Apatosaurus, Stegosaurus and Plateosaurus surrounded by dinosaur bones. The natural colour palette features green brown and beige dinosaurs on a blue background that will fit in wonderfully with the interior design of many homes and the matching curtains will make a big impact on the room too.

10. Construction


A construction room theme is always a favorite for boys and remains one of the most admired themes to makeover a bedroom for boys. Little aspiring engineers that enjoy building things and playing in the sand or dirt with dump trucks, excavators and diggers will revel in an under construction bedroom that encourages an environment of innovation and creativity for your child.

‘My room isn’t messy, it’s under construction.’


The Construction quilt cover set is our most popular bedding set for boys of all ages, from little boys to young men that love building and construction. Featuring a vibrant and colorful design of machines and excavation equipment, with diggers, front loaders, excavators and dump trucks and construction signs that say ‘Stop’ and ‘Danger’ in masculine shades of blue, yellow, black, red and white. The construction duvet set combined with matching curtains, offers any child that loves building, creating and playing with dump trucks and excavators a fun bedroom theme that highlights your boy’s personality and interests.

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