The Most Amazing Dinosaur Bedrooms

Children with a passion for dinosaurs, or that dream of becoming a paleontologist will love nothing more than to relax and play in a room filled with prehistoric creatures. These extinct reptiles are one of the most popular room themes with many wonderful designs for boys and girls in duvet covers and sheets and we’re showcasing the very best dino bedrooms for kids.

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Ultimate Dino Bedroom

One of the most amazing dinosaur themed rooms for children features a custom made bed with giant teeth that sleeps your child in the mouth of a Allosaurus, which is a smaller version of the Tyrannosaurus Rex. With a detailed wall mural of prehistoric creatures, with a Anklyosaurus skull floating in a tar pit, pterodactyls flying and a volcano surrounding the bed and giant footprints on the floor, your child will feel like they’ve been transformed into Jurassic World in this ultimate sanctuary for kids.

Dinosaur Bed
Source: Carter

T-Rex Bunk Beds Room

Tyrannosaurus bunk beds are a creative furnishing option for children sharing a room together with a passion for paleontology and the tyrant lizard. Bunk beds will open up the room, providing more floor space and offering flexibility for other furniture in the room, making way for a larger play area. The bunk beds are designed as the face of a Tyrannosaurus with scary teeth and the lower bunk bed sleeps a child inside the jaws of a Tyrannosaurus.

Dinosaur Bunk Beds
Source: Dreamcraft Furniture

Dino Bedroom

Little dino fans will love nothing more than to sleep on this inviting and comfortable dino bed. With giant feet, a big tail, little claws and designed as a funny giant plush dinosaur caricature, this comfy character bed will offer plenty of amusement and fun and offer a fabulous interior design for young children and makes a great option for a toddler’s bedroom.

Dino Bed
Source: Incredibeds

Triceratops Bedroom

The Triceratops is one of the most recognized prehistoric animals and this fun Triceratops bed makes a statement in this delightful bedroom from the prehistoric era. The Triceratops bed is framed with an upholstery headboard and sideboard and encompasses all the features of the Triceratops with its large bony frill on its back and its three horns on its head. With matching bedding, a stepping stool, beside the bed for easy access that resembles a rock and a wall mural that sets a Cretaceous period landscape scene, this is an ultimate triceratops space for kids.

Triceratops Bed
Source: Theme Bedrooms

Jurassic Bedroom

Wall murals can transform a room into another world and this eye-catching Tyrannosaurus mural in the Jurassic bedroom does just that. The room has two walls featuring a mural of a scary Tyrannosaurus Rex lurking around the cave with a lake and vegetation in the distance. The size alone of this Tyrannosaurus Rex makes a bold statement and makes an awesome addition to the room to add personality to the interior design to create a scene straight out of Jurassic World.

Dinosaur Mural
Source: Renaissance Painted Finishes

Wall Breaking T-Rex Room

The Tyrannosaurus Rex is the largest and most ferocious and scary prehistoric creature. This wall mural will create a scary dinosaur bedroom and makes it look like a Tyrannosaurus Rex is bursting through the wall in its fierce destruction. The accompanying wall border and mural offer high quality finishing to the interior design of the room. Peel and stick wall decals have a durable vinyl surface that are perfect for children’s rooms and will create a larger than life room inspired by the prehistoric creatures.

T-Rex Wall Mural
Source: Wall Sticker Outlet

Tyrannosaurus Bedroom

RAAAAWR! Brave boys and girls will love to sleep in the mouth of a Tyrannosaurus Rex. The Tyrannosaurus bed is an awesome addition to a dino themed space, with this Tyrannosaurus’ head coming out of the wall. The sharp and scary teeth of the T-Rex hanging over the bed, it’s big beady eyes and comfortable bed linen in the jaw of the prehistoric creature, the Tyrannosaurus bed is the perfect piece of feature furnishing. With a mural painted on the wall of the room with prehistoric creatures in the distance and a pterodactyl flying in the sky, this room is sure to impress.

Tyrannosaurus Bed
Source: 3murphys

3D Dino Bedroom

It’s easier than ever to create an amazing dinosaur themed room of your child’s dreams with amazing 3D wall art. Make a statement with feature wall art, using giant 3D models of the extinct reptiles, like those pictured in this bedroom, with a large friendly Brachiosaurus and a Stegosaurus surveying the landscape. The 3D figures are hand cast and hand painted with stunning detail, from the textures of the skin, to the friendly eyes. 3D wall art are a unique element to the decor and interior design in your home, that will set your child’s bedroom apart from all others and bring the room to life.

3D Dinosaur Wall Art
Source: Theme Rooms

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Set the scene of a dinosaur themed room with bed linen that will inspire the imagination of children and provide an environment that encourages curiosity and learning about these amazing creatures and the science of paleontology and the history of the world around us.

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