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Boys and girls alike, are fascinated by dinosaurs. These large and powerful prehistoric animals have captured the imagination of children. Here you’ll find some amazing do it yourself bedroom decor ideas that are inexpensive and will add personality and charm to any room that features these prehistoric animals from the Jurassic era.

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Create a Tyrannosaurus Lamp

Make your own T-Rex lamp for less than $30. All you need is a bedside table lamp from Target that you can purchase for about $15 and a 3D wooden Tyrannosaurus model puzzle that you can purchase off eBay or Amazon for around $10. A Tyrannosaurus rex wooden toy model works perfectly, but you can choose your child’s favorite prehistoric creature. When you have these, all you will need is some super glue and spray paint and you’re ready to create a fabulous decorative table lamp that will look amazing in your child’s dino themed bedroom.

Image from A Grande Life

Simply assemble the toy model and it is better to glue it together, so it doesn’t fall apart. Attach it to the lamp and glue it in place to secure it to the lamp. Ensure it’s completely dry before you spray paint it and carefully cover up electrical switch, light bulb socket and plug, so you don’t get any paint on it. Take your lamp outside and protect the area with a drop cloth, and now you can spray paint your lamp with as many coats as it requires.

And there you have it, the perfect prehistoric lamp that with compliment any bedroom theme showcasing these prehistoric animals.

Visit A Grande Life for all the details on how to make a lamp and more great recipes and home decor ideas.

Make a Dinosaur Toy

Make your own unique long neck dino toy for a Jurassic themed nursery or child’s bedroom that not only looks amazing, but will offer plenty of playtime fun and enjoyment for little ones. The long neck dino is large enough for a toddler to ride around the room.

Image from We Lived Happily Ever After
Image from We Lived Happily Ever After

For plenty of durability and wear, purchase a high quality upholstery fabric and all you’ll need to complete this project is a needle and matching thread, poly fill, matching fabric for the spot on the toy’s back, glue and black felt for those cute eyes.

Visit Hannah’s beautiful We Lived Happily Ever After blog to download the dino pattern and to read her detailed tutorial on how to create your own long neck dino toy, along with more home decor and design projects and DIY ideas for around the home.

Make a Dinosaur Mobile

Make a gorgeous baby mobile for a nursery with this fabulous tutorial by Kathryn over at the Hungry Little Bear blog. Not only does the mobile enhance the appearance of the room, but it will provide visual stimulation and help to develop your baby’s motor skills.

Image from Hungry Little Bear
Image from Hungry Little Bear

The mobile is really easy to make, looks amazing and the cute little prehistoric creatures can be substituted for any character or theme to create any baby mobile of your choosing. Select colours for the felt characters to match your dino theme bed linen and decor to enhance and coordinate the look in your nursery. To make this project all you will need is some different colours of felt, matching thread, poly fill, buttons, a strong white thread to hang the mobile, white ribbon and an embroidery hoop.

Head on over to the Hungry Little Bear blog for all the instructions and more photographs on how to make this adorable dinosaur baby mobile along with yummy treats to make, recipes and more handy DIY projects for your home.

Build an Arlo Bookshelf

Build your own cute bookshelf, inspired by Arlo from Disney’s, The Good Dinosaur. For this project you’ll need to purchase some MDF from the hardware store and you’ll need a jig saw, paint, chalk, paint brushes and glue.

Dinosaur Bookshelf
Image by Jessika Reed from Hip & Simple

To begin, print out the pattern of Arlo and trace the pattern on the sheet of wood. Cut out the shape with a jigsaw and paint the pieces a base coat of green. After you’ve painted the base coat, run chalk on the back of the pattern and turn it over and line it up on the wood. Run a pen down the lines of the pattern to transfer the chalk onto the wood. Paint on the white of the eyes and the green details on Arlo’s face. Glue all the pieces together and allow them to completely dry, placing clamps and weight to ensure it holds. You could even use screws to hold it all in place as an alternative. And now you have an adorable bookshelf or bench that’s perfect for the nursery or kids bedroom.

Visit Hip & Simple’s fantastic website for all the instructions and to download the pattern for your own bookshelf.

DIY Dinosaur Doorstop

A doorstop is great to hold the door open and prevent doors slamming shut. For the dino fans, this DIY doorstop is a fabulous addition to your child’s bedroom decor and it’s so inexpensive too. All you’ll need is a wooden wedge doorstop, available for home and hardware stores, a plastic dino toy, super glue, gripper pads, a candle, sandpaper, Q tips and spray paint. If you can’t find the wood doorstop, you can simply make your own with some scrap timber.

Lemon Thistle for Pretty Providence
Image by Lemon Thistle for Pretty Providence

When you have your wooden doorstop, simply glue the toy figurine onto the door stop, towards the thicker side and let it dry completely. For a contemporary look, start by painting with a metallic colour and they move on to black. Using a candle for texture in the paint, to rub over the ridges, where you want it to stay metallic and then spray black. Clean off the wax with a cloth and sandpaper to reveal the metallic spray and then finish it off with a clear coat of paint. Add some gripper pads to the bottom of the doorstop to help it stay in place and you have a fantastic door stop to decorate the bedroom.

Visit Pretty Providence for more creative ways to save money and for all the instructions to make your own doorstop.

Build a Set of Dinosaur Bookends

Bookends are perfect to decorate a desk or bookshelf in the bedroom and these vibrant and colourful bookends are great for anyone that loves prehistoric animals. All you need for this project is some scrap wood, a hot glue gun and glue, plastic toys and some spray paint of your choosing.

Dinosaur Bookends
Image by Natalie Shaw from Doodle Craft Blog

To begin, cut the wood and sand all of the edges smoothly. Place the wood together to form a right angle and run some hot glue along the edge of the block of wood and repeat on the remaining wood pieces. Cut your toy figurine in half and apply glue around the figurine’s halved body to stick it to the wooden bookends, doing the same for the other side, while ensuring they line up together. Spray paint for some colour and you have a fabulous set of bookends to hold all those paleontology books in place.

Visit Natalie Shaw’s Doodle Craft Blog for more crafts and for all the bookend instructions.

Craft a Dinosaur Photo Holder

These fabulous photo holders are incredibly easy to make and are perfect to sit on a nightstand or bedside table to add the finishing touches to a child’s bedroom. All you need is some plastic toys, spray paint, a PVC pipe cutter, adhesive, magnets, paper towel and some special photographs to show off.


To begin, carefully cut the toy figurines in half with the PVC pipe cutter. Apply the adhesive to the figurine and the magnet and allow to dry overnight. When they are dry, you can spray paint them to a colour of your choice. Earthy colours of green, brown, orange and yellow work a treat. And there you have it, fun photo holders that make perfect bedroom decor accessories.

Visit Three Little Monkeys Studio for the detailed photo holder instructions and more great ideas for around the home.

Dinosaur Canvas Painting

A canvas on the wall adds personality to the room and having your child create their own work of art is extra special. To begin this fun DIY project that will also entertain the kids, you’ll need some dinosaur wooden shapes, a canvas and paints, vanish and hot glue that are all available from a discount or art and craft stores.


Select a background colour for your canvas. Earthy colours like green, brown, orange and yellow can look great. You can keep it simple and just go with a solid colour and include some streaks for extra texture. Prepare an area for your kids to paint as this is a fantastic activity for children too. Let the kids have fun with painting the wooden dino shapes how they like and allow them to dry completely. When they’re dry, glue them to the canvas with hot glue. Give the canvas a coat or two of varnish and there you have, a special piece of wall art that is perfect for the bedroom or nursery that the kids will be proud of.

Visit Create in the Chaos for more creative activities for kids and for all the details to make your your canvas.

Make Your Own Dino Jar

Create your own dinosaur jars, that are perfect for additional storage. You’ll need a jar for this DIY project, and if you don’t have one around the house, they are easy to pick up at discount stores. You’ll also need some toy figurines, some super glue, primer and some spray paint.


Glue your toy figurine to the lid of the jar with some super glue. When it’s completely dry prime the jar lid and wait for it to completely dry. Spray paint the lid with your favourite colour with consideration to match your existing decor. Wait until it’s completely dry and there you have a fabulous jar that is great to keep and store valuables and would look fabulous on a desk, chest of drawers or dresser.

Visit the lovely Christy Robbins blog for all the jar project details.

Model Your Own Fossils

Dinosaur bones are so easy to make. All you need to begin is to make up a batch of salt dough. Now for the fun part, which the kids will love, creating your fossils. You can create all types of fossils, from prehistoric claws, teeth, ribs, backbones, skull bones and much more. You are limited only by your imagination and it’s a great activity for the kids to enjoy.

Image from Kitchen Floor Crafts
Image from Kitchen Floor Crafts

Visit Kitchen Floor Crafts for more fantastic projects for kids and for the salt dough recipe and all the instructions on how to make your own bones.

Build a Triceratops

Super dad, Matthew, built his son something remarkable – a Triceratops. Using his hands, his imagination and materials purchased on eBay, Matthew designed and built an impressive Triceratops hideout. Watch the ecstatic reaction from Matthew’s little boy as he reveals his marvelous creation.

Be sure to watch the amazing accompanying video that demonstrates step by step exactly how you too can build a dinosaur hideout and create the ultimate experience for your child.

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These clever room decor DIY projects dedicated to the prehistoric creatures that fascinate children are unique and inexpensive, and will enhance your child’s bedroom and add the finishing touches to your child’s room that closely resembles the Jurassic period, where the Tyrannosaurus roamed the earth.

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