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Make the Bedroom Sparkle with Barbie Sheets


Little girls and boys that love to play with Barbie and Ken dolls don’t have to limit their creativity and interior decorating finesse to the Barbie dollhouse. With a fabulous range of duvet covers and sheets, children can create a stunning bedroom devoted to the Mattel fashion doll that they’ll adore.

With bed linen in an extensive range of beautiful designs, from love hearts to fashion, and flowers to unicorns, children can create a magical theme with some imagination and creativity that will become a space for relaxation and comfort and a restful night’s sleep, that is personalised in their own individual and unique style.

Dress the Bed

The bed is the central focus in a bedroom. When choosing a design for your Barbie theme, think carefully about your child’s preference in colours and styles and what colours and décor already exists in the room. There are a lot to choose from, so allow your child to pick a design that reflects who they are and what they love, and they will enjoy their new bedroom makeover even more. Most Barbie bed linen is primarily pink in colour, but there are some alternatives with shades of white, black and purple too.

With a vast selection of Barbie quilt and duvet covers to cover the bed and set the scene for your room’s theme, your child will have a fashionable room with all the style and sophistication of the fashion doll. Choose matching sheets from one of the collections or select a solid colour that matches the design of your bed covering, such as white or pink.

Window Coverings

Compliment the bed by selecting window coverings of matching colours and styles to the chosen Barbie bed cover. Use simple and minimalist designs to avoid conflict with patterns of the bed covers. Sometimes a simple shade of pink, white or cream with subtle embellishments will work a treat.


A throw pillow or cushion makes a practical bedroom accessory that can not only offer additional comfort and support, but add the finishing touch to a bed. While a mink blanket or throw blanket on the foot of the bed can offer additional warmth in cooler climates or offer extra comfort while relaxing or snuggling up to watch a favourite Barbie movie.

Wall Art

Some wall art, a print or wall plaque of the fashion icon can really make a statement in your Barbie bedroom and make a bland wall look amazing. You could even have a quote on the wall to inspire you child as they wake every morning.

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