Beautiful Bedroom Furniture Ideas for Little Ladies


Bedroom furniture is important when designing a space. The furnishings and interior design of your child’s room offers an opportunity to inspire relaxation and to express your own personal style and personality. We’ve compiled a list of some of the most stunning design ideas to offer inspiration in selecting furniture for a girl’s room. Whether you’re decorating for a little girl, transitioning from the crib to a big girl bed or the teen girl, these furnishings are inventive and creative and sure to help you bring your bedroom dreams to life.

Girls Bedding

House Bookshelf

Love Create Celebrate have designed and built a cute house shaped bookshelf that is not only a practical piece of home decor, but also will look incredible in a bedroom, playroom or nursery. The bookcase is perfect to store and organize all your child’s books and makes it easy for the kids to access them whenever they want to.

Image from Love Create Celebrate
Image from Love Create Celebrate

This beautiful bookshelf is a woodworking DIY project that is made with only MDF board, screws, glue, paint, plywood and filler. You’ll need to be able to work your way around a workshop as this project does require some tools too, with a table saw, drill, sander and more, but the result will be well worth it. The house bookshelf makes a fun piece of furniture that is perfect for storing away books and toys that the kids will love.

You can find all the instructions and free downloadable plans for a house bookshelf of your own over at the Love Create Celebrate website along with more great DIY projects for around the home.

Cloud Book Bin

Lay Baby Lay have created a fun and cute cloud shaped book bin that is just adorable for a little girl’s bedroom or nursery. The book bin is ideal to store and organize books and keep them all tidy and easy to for toddlers to access. It also works as a personal reading bench for the little ones to sit on and read too.


For this do it yourself job, you will need some common board, edge glued board, screws and paint and you’ll need to be handy with some tools too, as this project also requires a jigsaw, drill, measuring tape and paintbrush. To begin, you’ll need to cut the board to size and hold them together at a right angle to assemble. Then you’ll need to sketch a heart or cloud shape for the side pieces and cut out the shape with a jigsaw and trace and cut out a second piece for the opposite side. Next is the fun part to paint the shapes. Assemble both ends and there you have, the cutest little book bin that little ones will adore.

Lay Baby Lay have all the details with a useful series of photographs, so you can try your hand at making your own cloud book bin for the little ones.


Simple as That has converted a bookshelf into a dollhouse and it’s just delightful. Add some dollhouse furniture and dolls and little girls will thoroughly enjoy playtime with a beautiful doll house that looks great as a bookshelf too.


To transform the bookcase into a dollhouse, Simple as That used some MDF scraps to create the roof and inside partition walls to make little rooms for the doll’s house. And they attached some decorative edging to the roof to give it that lovely facade. After sanding and a coat of primer, the little dollhouse is ready to be painted. Little girls can decorate and furnish the house with playfulness and love and give their dolls a place to call home, that will provide years of entertainment and memories.

Jump over to Simple as That for all the details on how to build your own dollhouse and more interesting projects from this talented mother and blogger.

Faux Fur Stool

DIY in PDX have designed this glamorous fluffy stool that is perfect to relax and put your feet up on or works well as a handy chair to sit on in front of a vanity or desk to put some makeup on and it’s a great piece to place in a teen space.


To create your own faux fur stool, it’s much easier than it looks. You’ll need some faux fur, hairpin legs, high density foam, backing fabric, batting, wood, screws and decorative nails. To begin, you’ll need to cut the wood in a round shape with a jigsaw, then you can trace around the foam and cut it out to fit. Place the batting down, with the foam on top and then the wood on top of that. Wrap the batting around the wood, trim the overhang and staple in place around the edge of the wood. Repeat this process with the faux fur. Cut a circle of backing fabric to size, tuck in the edges and secure in place with the decorative nails. Position the hairpin legs and screw them in place. Flip over your stool and you’re done. You have a trendy stool that will look fabulous in any room of the home.

Visit the DIY in PDX website for all the instructions and fabulous series of photographs that demonstrate exactly how to make your own faux fur stool for a girl’s room.

Cracked Patina Nightstand

How to Nest for Less have renovated a nightstand and transformed it into a gorgeous bedside table with a cracked patina finish that looks just amazing. The cracked patina finish creates a textured, peeled paint effect and really is well suited to antique pieces.


To accomplish this fabulous look you’ll need some paint, light and dark antique wax, paint brushes and some of Amy Howards cracked patina.

To start the project, the nightstand will need to be cleaned properly. Then it can be painted with several coats to ensure complete coverage, using a paint colour of your choosing that compliments your decor and interior design. When you’ve painted the nightstand, apply the cracked patina according to the directions. When it has dried, apply a second colour, which should be darker than layer below it. When you apply the second color on top of the cracked patina, you’ll see it starts to crack as it dries, creating that fabulous antique appearance.

If you have a charming nightstand that can be rescued and redecorated, visit How to Nest for Less for all the steps to redecorate and achieve the cracked patina finish for your nightstand too.

Hollywood Style Mirror

My Cherry Style have a stunning Hollywood style mirror, lit up with light bulbs that will make a statement in any room. The mirror is the ultimate in glamour and would look just fabulous over a vanity or dresser and is sure to impress teenage girls.


My Cherry Style have a comprehensive tutorial on how to make your own Hollywood mirror, but please read with caution as it should NOT be attempted under any circumstances without an electrician. Leave the electrical wiring to the professionals and keep you, your family and your home safe. Similar mirrors are also available on eBay. Just make sure that it comes with the right electrical plug for your home and country. Click here to see what Hollywood style mirrors eBay has on offer.

‘Love’ Headboard

House Tweaking have created a beautiful ‘Love’ headboard for a girl’s room. The headboard is simply made from fence boards and is particularly special as they were salvaged from the author’s husband’s family farm estate. It’s so great when you can use meaningful materials with stories behind them in DIY projects. This head board really makes the wall behind the bed the focal point and the white bedding against the dark wall looks so fresh and radiant and works a treat too.


If you fancy a similar headboard, it’s such an easy DIY project and so inexpensive. Simply cut the fence pales to size, sand them down and attach them together with some wood along the back. Write ‘Love’ onto the headboard with a piece of chalk and then paint on top of it.

House Tweaking have all the instructions on exactly how the headboard was assembled, mounted and fitted to the bed, so click on over to their fabulous blog for all the details.

Girls Bedding

Girls Bedding
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Any of these creative girls’s bedroom decor ideas will enhance the interior design of your little girl’s room. Use these ideas and your own innovation to make an impact in your child’s room and create a living space that expresses who they are and where they feel most at home.

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