Dinosaurs that once roamed the earth, may be about to take over your child's room. Almost every child goes through a 'dinosaur phase', where they eat, sleep and breath dinosaurs. If that sounds familiar, then a Tyrannosaurus might be just what your child needs, a T-Rex bedding set of course.

Dinosaurs are big, scary and extinct. But that hasn't waned the interest in these amazing reptiles. A part of their enormous appeal to children is that they are gigantic and dangerous creatures that once might have had them for lunch. However, these monsters are no longer a threat to kids out in the playground and are mysterious animals that are exciting to discover fossils and explore skeletons and learn about them and imagine how they lived millions of years ago.

Any dino crazed kid would love nothing more than a bedroom devoted to their most admired prehistoric creatures, with bed linen and decor that truly roars! But how do you decide which reptile is most deserving to showcase in your room?

The Tyrannosaurus Rex was one of the biggest meat eaters with a powerful bite, but the 'tyrant lizard king; had tiny arms and wouldn't have won in a fight against the mighty Triceratops. With three horns and a giant frill, the Triceratops is one of the most recognized of the reptiles and is certainly a contender to decorate the bed.

With triangular plates on it's back and a spiked tail, the Stegosaurus was built like a Jurassic tank, but had a brain the size of a walnut. It was a plant-eater and swallowed small rocks to help digestion and were cousins of the armored Ankylosaurs.

The Tyrannosaurus Rex gets all the praise, but the Allosaurus may have been the most fearsome meat-eating reptile. It's razor-sharp teeth had edges like saws, and paleontologists have unearthed solid evidence that the Allosaurus' plentiful choppers hunted preyed on the Stegosaurus.

Brachiosaurus or Brontosaurus?! Regardless of your child's choice, you can make their dreams a reality with the ultimate dinosaur bedroom. Duvet covers offer modern patterns and animated cartoon designs with earthy colors of jungle green, blue, grey, purple and beige and landscapes of volcanoes in shades of red, orange and yellow, made of cotton and polyester material.

A comfy cushion, soft toy and dino shaped pillow look great on the bed and serve a practical purpose for more comfortable bedtime stories with a cozy warm blanket. Wall decals and murals of these huge prehistoric creatures will create a big impact. Coordinate bed linen with matching bed sheets, a rug on the floor, curtains and a lamp on the bedside table will have your child surrounded by dinosaurs and offer the finishing touches and put a smile on the faces of boys and girls as they're transported back in time to the Mesozoic Era.