Star Wars

The Ultimate Star Wars Bedroom


Create the ultimate bedroom for fans of the epic space opera franchise, created by George Lucas, that is not only comfortable and functional, but celebrates the force. From a Death Star nightlight and R2-D2 side table and TIE Fighter bookshelf to a spaceship bed, these room decor ideas are innovative and offer all the inspiration you need to transform the interior design of your child’s room to a galaxy far, far away. May the force be with you!

Star Wars Bedding

Star Wars Marquee Wall Art

Inspired by the Star Wars Marquee Wall Art at Pottery Barn, Handmade with Ashley have created their own version of the Star Wars sign for just a tenth of the price of the Pottery Barn Kids product. The Star Wars room decor accessory will make an impact on the interior design of your room and is a must for any child that wants a Star Wars bedroom theme.

Image from Handmade with Ashley
Image from Handmade with Ashley

For this DIY project, you’ll need to know your way around a workshop and be handy with some tools; a cicular saw, nailer, silhouette, drill, staple gun, clamps, a sander and a ruler. To make the Star Wars sign, you need a string of globe lights, some wood, black spray paint, stain, varnish and wood glue.

To begin, you will need to cut the wood panels to size and glue the edges together. When the wood panel is completely dry, cut the wooden edge panels to size for a neat finish. Sand the surface of the wood and stain the panel. Now you can create your Star Wars logo stencil and attach it to the wooden panel so that you can spray paint the sign and seal it with varnish. Your Star Wars sign is now ready to drill the holes for the light globe sockets. Finally, you can install the string of light globes and you have a fantastic Star Wars lighting display for your child’s bedroom that will impress any Jedi master.

Visit Handmade with Ashley for all the detailed instructions and photographs on how to make your own Star Wars Wall Art and more fabulous Star Wars home decor projects.

Death Star Night Light

A Star Wars bedroom wouldn’t be complete without a Death Star Night Light. YouTube user IdunnGoddess demonstrates how to make an awesome Death Star Nightlight with this fabulous tutorial. To make the Star Wars night light, you will need a balloon, eight white paper napkins, glue, water, Christmas lights, paint, an elastic band and a black marker.

The Death Star night light is easy to make; to begin inflate the balloon to the size you want your Death Star. Mix the glue and water together to paper mâché the napkins all around the balloon to make the perfect surface for the Death Star. When you’ve covered the entire surface, allow it to dry completely and then you can cut out the balloon and cut a hole at the base of your night light to insert the lights in the final step.

Now you have a model of the legendary space station ready to paint. Mix together the paints to make dark grey and light grey and dab paint onto the surface with a sponge. With an elastic band secured around the sphere, you can draw the space station’s equator straight. Paint the final details to finish off the the Empire’s space station and place the lights inside to complete this epic Death Star night light that will be the envy of any Star Wars fan.

R2-D2 Side Table

Her Tool Belt have designed a Star Wars nightstand that resembles robot R2-D2 from the film series. The Star Wars side table is a practical furniture piece for beside the bed for Star Wars enthusiasts that is perfect to decorate a room and show off their adoration for the franchise.

Image from Her Tool Belt
Image from Her Tool Belt

Building the R2-D2 novelty side table, you will need wood boards, screws, wood glue, wood filler, sandpaper and paint. Using the pattern, trace the circles and leg pieces onto the wood, cut them out and sand the edges smooth. Drill the pocket holes in the base of the legs to attach the triangle pieces to each leg. Cut the shelf supports and attach to the legs. Find the center line of each round shelf and turn the legs upside down to attach the shelves to the shelf supports, repeating the process for each shelf. Now you are ready to paint the nightstand, following the patterns provided.

Her Tool Belt has all the instructions and downloadable plans and patterns to build your own R2-D2 nightstand for a Star Wars bedroom.

Fighter Shelf and Hyperspace Wall

Her Tool Belt have also designed a Star Wars Fighter Shelf that is in the centre of a hyperspace wall. This Star Wars decor piece is a fabulous accompaniment to the R2-D2 side table and is sure to impress cult fans and create a Star Wars room like no other.

Image from Her Tool Belt
Image from Her Tool Belt

To build the Fighter Shelf, you will need pine boards, screws, wood glue, wood filler, sand paper, paint primer, silver metallic paint and red metallic paint.

To begin, cut the pine boards to size with a bevel edge on each end and drill pocket holes on each end. Now you can make six trapezoids and then assemble them altogether to make the hexagon. Sand the hexagon and prime the wood. After it’s dry, paint the shelf with the silver metallic paint. Find the studs in the wall to hang the shelf securely.

To create the hyperspace wall, tape random stripes on the wall that radiate out from the shelf. Trace a few TIE fighters in the center and your Star Wars shelf and hyperspace wall is complete.

Visit Her Tool Belt for all the detailed instructions and photographs to show you exactly what you need to do to build your own Star Wars shelf and hyperspace wall for a spectacular Star Wars bedroom.

Light and Dark Side Light Switch

Make your own Star Wars light switch. It’s a funny room decoration and adds an extra element of the force to your child’s bedroom. The Light and Dark Side light switch is so easy and inexpensive to make. Turn off the lights and you’ll be transported over to the dark side with Darth Vader.

Image from Sisters, What!
Image from Sisters, What!

All you need to make your own Star Wars light switch is the light switch panel, a black marker pen and some creativity. Or you can purchase some Star Wars decals or stickers for a more polished finish. Simply place the Darth Vader decals or draw the dark side on the off position of the light switch and position the Luke Skywalker stickers or draw the light side on the on position of the light switch.

The Star Wars Light Switches inspiration are thanks to Mmm Crafts’ blog with the black marker design and Sisters, What! blog for the decal design.

TIE Fighter Bookshelf

Another fantastic creation from Handmade with Ashley is her TIE fighter bookshelf.

Image from Handmade with Ashley
Image from Handmade with Ashley

Again, you will need your building hat on for this project as you’ll need to use a circular saw, jigsaw, jig, ruler and sander. The TIE fighter bookshelf requires the following supplies; scrap wood panels, gray and black paint, painter’s tape, wood glue, wood filler and screws.

To begin, cut the wood to size and drill the pocket holes. After you have sanded all the pieces of wood, you can paint the bookshelf. Painting the TIE fighter wings is easy using tape to create the hexagon-like shape. Paint the cockpit. Assemble the bookshelf and give it a coat of sealer to protect it for everyday wear and tear. Now you have your own TIE Fighter Bookshelf to store your child’s books.

For all the details on how to decorate a TIE fighter bookshelf and more DIY projects, visit Handmade with Ashley.

Light Saber Holder

Every Star Wars bedroom needs a Light Saber Holder and this clever invention from The Creative Imperative provides a central point of storage for all your light sabers, each within easy reach and ready for battle.


The Light Saber Holder is made using a broom or garden tool holder that is available from most hardware or department stores. The Light Saber Holder is attached to a homemade backboard that has been painted grey and black and features a sign made from a Silhouette.

Visit The Creative Imperative for all the details on how to make your own Light Saber Holder and more photographs from Jamie’s Star Wars bedroom reveal.

Star Wars Ship Bed

Mancave Invaded have created the ultimate bed for any Star Wars fan, a space ship bed. Your child will feel like they’ve stepped into the set of a George Lucas film every night they go to sleep with this unique masterpiece.


Built from douglas fir amd plywood, this futuristic ship bed is trimmed with angled aluminium and has masonite shapes glued onto the plywood to give dimension to the bed. The ship’s guns are built from PVC pipe and spray painted black and the rest of the ship was painted with a metallic silver paint.

Click on over to Mancave Invaded for more information and photographs on how to make your own Star Wars bed.

Star Wars Entertainment Unit

David Bonney secretly transformed his sons Dylan, nine, and George, eight, bedroom into the inside of a Millennium Falcon. It’s a truely amazing Star Wars bedroom with a custom built Millennium Falcon-style control panel that acts as an entertainment unit with a built-in Xbox and computer.

The Star Wars entertainment unit looks just like the inside of the Millennium Falcon and features flashing LED lights, electrical components and all the buttons and levers you would ever need to pilot the Millennium Falcon ship. The entertainment unit houses a television, Xbox and PC, complete with USB ports and controls for all your kids homework needs and gaming pleasure that will entertain little Star Wars fans and take children to a galaxy far, far away.

The Ultimate Star Wars Crib

ULIVE Family’s, Kids Cribs, featured Ethan Valdez, a 13 years old, that shows off his Star Wars crib with a Anakin Skywalker Sstarfighter bed and a room that any Star Wars fan would envy.

Wars crib comes complete with a collection of lightsabers, a Lego Millennium Falcon and a R2-D2 toy that responds to commands and is built into the bed. The bed has a control panel that operates the television above the bed and the sound system, with built in speakers hidden in the headboard and by remote can Ethan can play sounds just like the Starfighter from the original Star Wars movies.

Star Wars Bedding

We hope that these innovative Star Wars bedroom decor ideas have inspired you to capture the force in the interior design of your child’s room. Use these eclectic designs together with your own creativity to create a Star Wars bedroom that captivates the imagination of George Lucas’ world of science fiction.

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