Most Popular Girls’ Bedding Sets


Sugar and spice and everything nice… that’s what little girls are made of! We’re counting down the top ten most popular bed sets for little ladies. From cute and sweet bed linen for toddlers to sophisticated and luxury collections for teenagers, follow these suggestions to select a fabulous bed set that will help you and your child create the room of their dreams.

1. Ballerina


Many children love ballet and dance and dream of becoming a ballerina and dancer. Ballet is artistic, feminine and graceful with its stunning dancing and twirling to beautiful music. It’s not surprising that ballet is so popular with young girls. A ballerina theme bedding set is wonderful for girl’s rooms and now you can create a classically beautiful bedroom with an touch of elegance that highlights the life of a dancer and life on stage.

The Tutu quilt cover set is wonderful for any girls that love to dance. It is the pinnacle of sophistication interior design and features a pink ballerina tutu and slippers surrounded by pretty flowers. This ballerina luxurious bedding set showcases a frilly ruffled trim, beautiful embroidery and applique detail in shades of pink and white. Dancers and lovers of the art of ballet will fall in love with this exceptional bedroom collection.


2. Snow Princess

Snow Princess

What little girl doesn’t dream of being a princess? Make her fantasy come true with a regal room design that is fit for a princess. Whether or not you believe in fairytales the truth is, every girl is a princess and is living her own fairy tale. For dreamers of fairy tales and happy endings, a princess bedroom theme will give her the best start to a happily ever after and make those dreams of a glamorous room come true.

The Snow Princess comforter and quilt cover sets from Happy Kids feature sweet princess girls dancing in the woods and surrounded by falling snow and playing with a snowman, surrounded by beautiful snowflakes, little birds, bunny rabbits and reindeer in vibrant colours of blue, green, pink, yellow, orange and white. This princess bedding set is perfect for any little girl that dreams of being a princess, just like princess Elsa and Anna from Disney’s hit animated movie, Frozen.

3. Peppa Pig

Peppa Pig

Peppa Pig is a lovable little piggy that is adored by toddlers and pre-schoolers and is especially popular with little girls that love splashing in muddy puddles and snorting with laughter, along with the cheeky Peppa Pig. Together with her little brother, George Pig, Mummy Pig, and Daddy Pig, Peppa Pig’s family entertains and captivates a young audience with her lighthearted adventures.

The Peppa Pig bedding set features the fun little Peppa Pig from the hit animated children’s televisions series, surrounded by a field of flowers in shades of pink, green, blue, yellow and white. Young fans of Peppa Pig will just adore this sweet piggy bedding set that can transform the room into a Peppa Pig wonderland.

4. Summer Birds

Summer Birds

Little birds are always a sweet theme for children’s rooms. These beautiful feathered friends are peaceful and inspiring creatures that are painted with a brilliant rainbow of colour, sing a soothing song, possess intelligence and personality and can soar high in the sky between heaven and earth. Along with these fascinating qualities, birds represent freedom and life and are a charming theme for interior design in a girl’s room.

The Summer Birds bedroom set is abundant in sweetness and a favorite duvet cover set for admirers of the wonders of nature and bird life that are looking for a birds themed room design. Summer Birds highlights various species of beautiful birds that are perched on tree branches of pink blossoms and white flowers on a pale blue background.

5. Ladybird

Lady Beetle

The small and brightly coloured lady beetle brings a smile to the face of children. The red shield and big black dots on the ladybirds wings is an amazing creature of nature and is known to bring luck and abundance wherever she goes. The lady bird represents delight, happiness, playful spirit and the childlike nature in all of us and is a wonderful bedroom theme for nature lovers and any children that delight in the magic of nature and creatures great and small.

The Lady Bird duvet cover set features exquisite detail with red embroidered lady beetles surrounded by love hearts and flowers representing the magic and beauty of a garden bursting with life. With feminine colours of pink, purple, red and white, the Lady Beetle bedding set would makeover a beautiful room for little girls that love nature and appreciate the tiny serendipitous creatures within it.

6. Fly Butterfly

Fly Butterfly

Most girls love butterflies. They are admired for their delicate beauty, colourful wings and gentle nature. Butterflies represent many qualities, but the most obvious symbolism is that of freedom, beauty and transformation. As a child grows, just like the butterfly’s impressive process of metamorphosis, children experience growth and transformation too and the message of the butterfly is to encourage your child to embrace the beauty of change.

Most beautiful butterfly bedding sets are popular for a girl’s room, but the Fly Butterfly bedroom collection from Whimsy really stands out from the rest with its beautiful fresh and elegant design. The pastel palette of pink, purple and red on the crisp white background is chic and exudes sophistication and class. The embroidered butterflies and ruffle trim are gorgeous delicate features that make this one of the most fashionable and luxurious choices in butterfly bedding sets.

7. Mermaids


Mermaids have captured the imagination of girls of all ages and are a delightful theme for bedrooms of any child that loves the beauty of the ocean and dreams of life by the sea.

An mermaid theme bed set is particularly admired by anyone that appreciates the beauty of nature and the picturesque world of life under the sea, while embracing the fantasy of mermaid tails and stories that captivate like The Little Mermaid with swimming fins, singing lobsters, and the romance of the sea.

The Mermaid quilt cover set and comforter set feature an aquatic under the sea setting of mermaids swimming in the beautiful blue ocean, surrounded by fish, starfish, jelly fish, seashells and coral in vibrant splashes of colour in shades of pink, purple, blue, orange and more.

8. Floret Purple

Floret Purple

Purple with its unique mix of red and blue and its shades of violet, lilac and lavender, is one of the most favoured colours by women, after the colour blue. Throughout history, purple has represented magic, mystery, spirituality, creativity, wealth, royalty and is also known as a lucky colour.

Purple is uplifting, relaxing, dramatic and soothing. If your child loves the colour purple, then choosing a wonderful purple room design will make them feel most at home and comfortable.

The combination of lilac colour and luxurious floral bed linen showcase is breathtaking and presents a feminine modern interior design with elegance and sophistication. The Floret Purple duvet cover set and its exquisite ruffles and applique detail radiates luxury in home decor and living and is an exceptional selection for a girl’s room.

9. Owl Song

Owl Song

Owls are always a favourite choice to theme a bedroom for girls. They represent wisdom, protection and intelligence and their abundant cuteness can create a truly enchanting owl bedding design for children.

These whimsical birds are symbolic as creatures of the night that protect and offer inner guidance, but for many they are simply an endearing bird and icon that offers personality and character to one’s personal fashion and style.

The Owl Song quilt cover set features adorable owls perched on branches and surrounded by fluttering butterflies set on white, with hues of pink, green, yellow, blue and purple. The refreshing owl scene and accompanying cushion and decor makes a big impact on the room.

10. Floret Pink

Floret Pink

Pink is traditionally a ‘girly’ colour, and with its blend of red and white, it signifies femininity and romance. Hints of rose, salmon and fuchsia have been acknowledged to represent compassion, nurturing and love, which is the perfect room and environment where little girls can flourish and bloom.

‘I believe in pink’

Audrey Hepburn


The Floret Pink quilt cover set an exquisite floral bedding set for children and is popular for girls of all ages, from little princesses to teen girls that desire sophistication and indulgence. Showcasing beautiful pink frilly flowers, ruffles and applique detail, this luxurious bedding set offers a delicate sweetness and innocence in your interior design, while the pretty pink colour and flowers symbolise life and convey a message of positivity and hope to your child.

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Beautiful Bedroom Furniture Ideas for Little Ladies


Bedroom furniture is important when designing a space. The furnishings and interior design of your child’s room offers an opportunity to inspire relaxation and to express your own personal style and personality. We’ve compiled a list of some of the most stunning design ideas to offer inspiration in selecting furniture for a girl’s room. Whether you’re decorating for a little girl, transitioning from the crib to a big girl bed or the teen girl, these furnishings are inventive and creative and sure to help you bring your bedroom dreams to life.

Girls Bedding

House Bookshelf

Love Create Celebrate have designed and built a cute house shaped bookshelf that is not only a practical piece of home decor, but also will look incredible in a bedroom, playroom or nursery. The bookcase is perfect to store and organize all your child’s books and makes it easy for the kids to access them whenever they want to.

Image from Love Create Celebrate
Image from Love Create Celebrate

This beautiful bookshelf is a woodworking DIY project that is made with only MDF board, screws, glue, paint, plywood and filler. You’ll need to be able to work your way around a workshop as this project does require some tools too, with a table saw, drill, sander and more, but the result will be well worth it. The house bookshelf makes a fun piece of furniture that is perfect for storing away books and toys that the kids will love.

You can find all the instructions and free downloadable plans for a house bookshelf of your own over at the Love Create Celebrate website along with more great DIY projects for around the home.

Cloud Book Bin

Lay Baby Lay have created a fun and cute cloud shaped book bin that is just adorable for a little girl’s bedroom or nursery. The book bin is ideal to store and organize books and keep them all tidy and easy to for toddlers to access. It also works as a personal reading bench for the little ones to sit on and read too.


For this do it yourself job, you will need some common board, edge glued board, screws and paint and you’ll need to be handy with some tools too, as this project also requires a jigsaw, drill, measuring tape and paintbrush. To begin, you’ll need to cut the board to size and hold them together at a right angle to assemble. Then you’ll need to sketch a heart or cloud shape for the side pieces and cut out the shape with a jigsaw and trace and cut out a second piece for the opposite side. Next is the fun part to paint the shapes. Assemble both ends and there you have, the cutest little book bin that little ones will adore.

Lay Baby Lay have all the details with a useful series of photographs, so you can try your hand at making your own cloud book bin for the little ones.


Simple as That has converted a bookshelf into a dollhouse and it’s just delightful. Add some dollhouse furniture and dolls and little girls will thoroughly enjoy playtime with a beautiful doll house that looks great as a bookshelf too.


To transform the bookcase into a dollhouse, Simple as That used some MDF scraps to create the roof and inside partition walls to make little rooms for the doll’s house. And they attached some decorative edging to the roof to give it that lovely facade. After sanding and a coat of primer, the little dollhouse is ready to be painted. Little girls can decorate and furnish the house with playfulness and love and give their dolls a place to call home, that will provide years of entertainment and memories.

Jump over to Simple as That for all the details on how to build your own dollhouse and more interesting projects from this talented mother and blogger.

Faux Fur Stool

DIY in PDX have designed this glamorous fluffy stool that is perfect to relax and put your feet up on or works well as a handy chair to sit on in front of a vanity or desk to put some makeup on and it’s a great piece to place in a teen space.


To create your own faux fur stool, it’s much easier than it looks. You’ll need some faux fur, hairpin legs, high density foam, backing fabric, batting, wood, screws and decorative nails. To begin, you’ll need to cut the wood in a round shape with a jigsaw, then you can trace around the foam and cut it out to fit. Place the batting down, with the foam on top and then the wood on top of that. Wrap the batting around the wood, trim the overhang and staple in place around the edge of the wood. Repeat this process with the faux fur. Cut a circle of backing fabric to size, tuck in the edges and secure in place with the decorative nails. Position the hairpin legs and screw them in place. Flip over your stool and you’re done. You have a trendy stool that will look fabulous in any room of the home.

Visit the DIY in PDX website for all the instructions and fabulous series of photographs that demonstrate exactly how to make your own faux fur stool for a girl’s room.

Cracked Patina Nightstand

How to Nest for Less have renovated a nightstand and transformed it into a gorgeous bedside table with a cracked patina finish that looks just amazing. The cracked patina finish creates a textured, peeled paint effect and really is well suited to antique pieces.


To accomplish this fabulous look you’ll need some paint, light and dark antique wax, paint brushes and some of Amy Howards cracked patina.

To start the project, the nightstand will need to be cleaned properly. Then it can be painted with several coats to ensure complete coverage, using a paint colour of your choosing that compliments your decor and interior design. When you’ve painted the nightstand, apply the cracked patina according to the directions. When it has dried, apply a second colour, which should be darker than layer below it. When you apply the second color on top of the cracked patina, you’ll see it starts to crack as it dries, creating that fabulous antique appearance.

If you have a charming nightstand that can be rescued and redecorated, visit How to Nest for Less for all the steps to redecorate and achieve the cracked patina finish for your nightstand too.

Hollywood Style Mirror

My Cherry Style have a stunning Hollywood style mirror, lit up with light bulbs that will make a statement in any room. The mirror is the ultimate in glamour and would look just fabulous over a vanity or dresser and is sure to impress teenage girls.


My Cherry Style have a comprehensive tutorial on how to make your own Hollywood mirror, but please read with caution as it should NOT be attempted under any circumstances without an electrician. Leave the electrical wiring to the professionals and keep you, your family and your home safe. Similar mirrors are also available on eBay. Just make sure that it comes with the right electrical plug for your home and country. Click here to see what Hollywood style mirrors eBay has on offer.

‘Love’ Headboard

House Tweaking have created a beautiful ‘Love’ headboard for a girl’s room. The headboard is simply made from fence boards and is particularly special as they were salvaged from the author’s husband’s family farm estate. It’s so great when you can use meaningful materials with stories behind them in DIY projects. This head board really makes the wall behind the bed the focal point and the white bedding against the dark wall looks so fresh and radiant and works a treat too.


If you fancy a similar headboard, it’s such an easy DIY project and so inexpensive. Simply cut the fence pales to size, sand them down and attach them together with some wood along the back. Write ‘Love’ onto the headboard with a piece of chalk and then paint on top of it.

House Tweaking have all the instructions on exactly how the headboard was assembled, mounted and fitted to the bed, so click on over to their fabulous blog for all the details.

Girls Bedding

Girls Bedding
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Any of these creative girls’s bedroom decor ideas will enhance the interior design of your little girl’s room. Use these ideas and your own innovation to make an impact in your child’s room and create a living space that expresses who they are and where they feel most at home.

View our beautiful range of quilt cover sets, comforters and more girls bedding sets that offer modern, comfortable and contemporary home living and decor for your little girls to bring their bedroom dreams to life.


Over 100 Girls’ Bedroom Themes


Decorating a bedroom for your little princess can be a fun project for both you and your child. Whether you’re decorating a bedroom or nursery for a newborn baby girl, daughter, little girl, teenager or a young woman, we have compiled a comprehensive list of fun bedding sets and room theme ideas. If you have decorated a unique bedroom theme for your girl’s room, then contact us and tell us all about it.

Babushka Doll Bedding
View our Babushka Doll Bedding

1. Alice in Wonderland
2. Angels
3. Art and artists
4. Asian and oriental
5. Babushka Doll
6. Ballet and ballerina
7. Barbie
8. Basketball
9. Beach
10. Beatrix Potter Peter Rabbit
11. Bows and ribbons
12. Bratz
13. Broadway
14. Butterflies
15. Cabbage Patch Kids
16. Candy or sweets
17. Care Bears
18. Carousel
19. Castle
20. Caterpillars
21. Cats and kittens
22. Cherries
23. Cherry blossom

Cinderella Bedding
View our Cinderella Bedding

24. Cinderella
25. Circles
26. Crayons
27. Cupcakes
28. Cycling
29. Daisies
30. Dancing
31. Disney
32. Disney Fairies
33. Disney Princess
34. Dogs and puppies
35. Dolls
36. Dollshouse
37. Doc McStuffins
38. Dora the Explorer
39. Dr. Seuss
40. Dragonflies
41. Egyptian
42. Eighties

Dancing Bedding
View our Dancing Bedding

44. Fairies
45. Fashion
46. Fifi and the Flowertots
47. Flowers
48. Fruit salad
49. Furby
50. Garden
51. Garfield
52. Glee
53. Handbag
54. Hannah Montana
55. Harry Potter
56. Hello Kitty
57. Hockey
58. Hollywood
59. Horses and ponies

Cat Bedding
View our Cat Bedding

60. Ice skating
61. In the Night Garden
62. Jasmine and Aladdin
63. Jewellery
64. Justin Bieber
65. Karaoke
66. Ladybugs
67. LaLaLoopsy
68. Leopard print
69. Lips
70. Littest Pet Shop
71. Little Miss
72. Lollipops
73. Looney Tunes
74. Love hearts
75. Makeup
76. Mermaid
77. Minnie Mouse
78. Moxie Girlz
79. Music notes

Owl Bedding
View our Owl Bedding

80. My Little Pony
81. Netball
82. New York
83. Owls
84. Paddington Bear
85. Paisley
86. Paris
87. Peace sign
88. Peppa Pig
89. Playschool
90. Polka dots
91. Popples
92. Precious Moments
93. Princess
94. Punky Brewster
95. Raggedy Ann
96. Rainbow Brite
97. Rainbows
98. Retro
99. Rollerskating or rollerblading

Princess Bedding
View our Princess Bedding

100. Roses
101. Rubber Ducky
102. Seashells
103. Sesame Street
104. Seventies
105. Shoes
106. Shrek
107. Sixties
108. Smurfs
109. Snoopy
110. Snow White
111. Spongebob Squarepants
112. Sofia the First
113. Spot the Dog
114. Stars
115. Strawberry Shortcake
116. Stripes
117. Surfing
118. Teddy bears
119. The Little Mermaid

Unicorn Bedding
View our Unicorn Bedding

120. The Muppets
121. The Powerpuff Girls
122. The Wiggles
123. Tinker Bell
124. Travel
125. Tropical
126. Twilight
127. Tweety Bird
128. Unicorns
129. Vampires
130. Winnie the Pooh
131. Winx Club


Luxury Bedding for Little Women


Even young women delight in a touch of affluence and appreciate the experience and comfort of luxury in their own personal space, especially their bedroom. We have a selection of bed linen that stands out above the rest and offers the best in bedclothes for young ladies with all the attention to detail and showcase of sophistication and style all at an affordable price. Each of our children’s duvet sets are beautiful made with all the trimmings that will create a truly luxurious and feminine bedroom. Our bedding sets come in single, double and queen bed sizes and are accompanied with stunning bedroom accessories that provide the finishing touch to create a comfortable and truly magical bedroom experience.

Butterfly Bedding for Girls

Nothing says luxury in a girl’s bedroom like our purple butterfly bedding. The rich colors of purple and mauve are a favorite color among girls, from little girls to teens. Our butterfly bedding sets offer a beautiful range featuring gathered ruffles and gorgeous designs for the contemporary home of butterflies fluttering on the duvet cover. It doesn’t end there, we also have matching cushions, floor mats and more to complete your beautiful butterfly bedroom theme.

Butterfly Bedding
View our full range of butterflies bedding including duvet cover set, cushions and floor mat

Owl Bedding for Girls

Owls are an enchanting bedroom theme for girls of all ages and our Owl Song bedding set does not disappoint when it comes to luxurious bedroom decor. The Owl bedding set features an abundance of color is and a sweet design of owls perched among butterflies and leaves. It too has a range of matching accessories available from cushions and Owl floor mat and more to create a stunning owl bedroom. View more information about our owl bedding for girls.

Owl Bedding
View our full range of owl song bedding including duvet cover set, cushions and floor mat

Floral Bedding for Girls

Our pink floret bedding features a gorgeous design that exudes luxury. Pink is a favorite color among girls and perfect for decorating bedrooms of all ages from newborns to teens. Our flower bedding, like the butterfly bedding set, features gathered ruffles and a magnificent design of pink floral applique on the quilt cover. Our bedding set features matching Floret Pink oblong cushion and square cushion to complete the bedroom theme.

Flower Bedding
View our full range of floret pink bedding set